Suggestions from Bike Helena:

Our thoughts:


Mount Helena

Mount Helena is what we're known for. She stands guard over MTB City and is easily accessible from MTB City.


  • Hooks into Helena ridge and makes a great foundation for longer ride
  • Many choices for descent
  • Close to downtown


  • Hikers outnumber you on the front side
  • Dump Gulch really was a dump so count on popping a tire on 100 year old glass 


Mount Ascension

Suck it up buttercup! Mount Ascension from the front is a soul crushing wrastling match with gravity. But, there are some ways to sneak around it if your heart and soul are weak.


  • Overlooked by hikers


Scratchgravel Hills

Scratchgravel Hills is your view looking north from MTBCity. It's your land, managed by the Bureau of Land Management. There is a beautiful route to the most popular trailhead that is on trails and a county road. Scratchgravel Hills is home to the "Unravel the Scratchgravel" race sponsored by our friends at Big Sky Cycle and Fitness.


  • One of the most level systems around, good for acclimating if you're from lower elevation
  • Dries up earlier in the spring
  • Great views
  • Little traffic
  • You can wander around and explore without feeling like you're on a death march.


  • No breweries nearby
  • Vicous cacti on either side of the trails. Pack an extra tube.

Here's what MTB PROJECT has about the Scratchies: Scratchgravel Hills



Several trails. We'll get to this shortly. Google it for now.



If you start GOOGLIN' trails around here you'll find lots we don't know about and have the rest of your life planned out!